Say, “Goodbye” to dry; tasteless chicken!


Never serve dry; tasteless chicken again. Whether you are going to bake, fry, grill or roast your chicken, start off by brining it. What’s brining? Well, brining is simply soaking in salted water. You can add other seasonings, but the KEY components are salt and water. And, why MUST you brine? Try it once and then be sure to come back and tell me how AMAZING your chicken was. You won’t ask, “Why?” again. For those of you that already brine, back me up here. I promise you will be a ROCK star and never serve dry chicken, turkey or any other poultry again. So, what do you need?

1 gallon of warm water (or enough to cover your poultry)
3/4 cup of kosher salt
You can add 2/3 cup of brown sugar, garlic, dried or fresh herbs, coconut aminos (what I use instead of soy sauce) … the options are endless and only limited by your imagination and taste buds.

Pour the water into a container big enough to hold the chicken. Pour the salt and other seasonings into the water and stir to dissolve. Allow the brine to come to room temperature. Place the chicken into the brine, cover and refrigerate overnight for a whole chicken; 2 hours for boneless and 4 hours for bone in pieces. If you’re cooking a turkey, adjust the water and salt accordingly. For example, if your bird is approximately 10 pounds, you will double the water & salt. Drain, rinse, pat dry and you’re ready to season with spices, fresh herbs, etc. and cook.

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