Nut Dip


People LITERALLY go bonkers for this dip. It has the weirdest combination of ingredients and is rather simple to make. Yet, you will want to double or triple the recipe because it is just that popular. Pair it with corn chips … the big scoopers .. and yah, you’ll be hooked, too!

You will need …

8 oz of pepper jelly

2 cups of pecans, chopped

2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

1 bunch of green onion, chopped (greens only)

1 T of mayonnaise (yepper, that’s right .. mayo)

Combine all of the ingredients, chill and serve.




2 thoughts on “Nut Dip”

  1. LOVE this dip! I was just at Trader Joe’s buying ingredients to make it. I ended up sharing the recipe with several Trader Joe’s employees. 🙂 I just whipped it up and we will be snacking on it for New Year’s Eve.

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